Jungleheroes Presenting in Singapore!








Hello everyone!
We have exciting news! Jungleheroes will be presenting at the UWC in Singapore on November 14 2012!! What an opportunity! I’m always excited to present because I love spreading the word to people who are ready to make a difference!

-Jungleheroes {:()}

12 thoughts on “Jungleheroes Presenting in Singapore!

  1. Hi Emma,
    I just wanted to say once again a HUGE thank you from Grade 4. You wouldn’t believe the talk around the classrooms after your presentation. You are a true inspiration to the kids, showing that they can make a difference!

    Take care
    Scott Ziemer
    Head of Grade 4

  2. Emma – we were truly privileged to hear you speak yesterday. The students and I are very grateful and buzzing from your talk. You kindly gave us the time to discuss and ask many questions so that we are empowered to take forward the amazing work that you do and truly try to make a difference. We do look forward to any updates on Palm oil free products through your website so we can make better choices. Thank you so much for sharing your vision and the MS group PAW hope to see you tomorrow!

    • Hi Nicki!
      Thank you!
      I am so glad you and your students enjoyed it! I love sharing what I am passionate about. I hope I can make it tomorrow!
      I will definitely post more recipes on my site to make palm oil free snacks!
      I appreciate your enthusiasm!
      -Jungleheroes {:()}

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