Young True Junglehero


Meet our newest true Junglehero, Gigi:

My name is Gigi Finn and I am 8 years old. I wasn’t very intrigued at first when I heard about palm oil, but a year later a reminder must have flashed inside my head because now I am crazy about saving the orangutans!! I created a presentation which I showed to my class talking about orangutans and how they were endangered by palm oil plantations. I check every single thing in the store to see if it contains palm oil and I never miss a chance to tell people about it. I am starting a blog called, “The Orangutan Gang” where there is a pledge for people to sign to become “Orangutarians.” Orangutarians avoid and boycott products with palm oil and spread the news about the destruction of the rainforest. I am proud to be Jungle Hero!!!

Are you doing something to help save the rainforest and spread the word? Know someone who is a true Junglehero? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Young True Junglehero

  1. Your awesome Gigi. What an inspiration for young kids like you and old folks like me. Way to inform and teach us about this.

  2. Hello.My name is Nami.Nice to meet you.I live in Japan and I knew you by learning from my teacher in high school. I learned palm oil plantation in geography class and I was moved by your activities.I can do nothing for you because of my helpless…but I wish for your activities to be known for many people in the world.
    I can’t tell you in English well but I wish for my feelings to reach you.

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