The Pledge







You can become a Junglehero! Make the commitment to help the rainforest here:

Boycotting palm oil is not the solution.

Palm oil is a growing global commodity and an important economic driver for countries that produce it. When grown sustainably, palm oil can meet the needs of people and wildlife.

You can help by signing the Junglehero Pledge:

  • I pledge to advocate for palm oil that is deforestation-free. For orangutans, for the rainforest, and for the planet:
  • I will ask manufacturers to use responsible sourcing guidelines that go beyond RSPO standards to make sure their palm oil is deforestation-free.
  • I will ask manufacturers to map their supply chains by 2015.
  • I will share what I learn about deforestation-free palm oil with my friends and family.

Sign here.


14 thoughts on “The Pledge

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  3. Hello
    I was in the class you presented to today at Tokyo International School and i think what you are doing is really great

    -Jack 🙂

  4. I love what you are doing Emma…Remember me? I was one of the people you gave a palm oil free lollipop and bracelet to at last year’s Davidson summit. It is me, Gigi!

  5. I saw you today at our school uwcsea dover grade 5 in singapore
    your presentation was awesome!!!
    please come again soon.
    Im going to tell my friends and family so we can all be jungle heroes!!!

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