My Story

Emma Freedman is a conservationist, scientist and teen activist.  When she was 10 years old she traveled to Borneo and saw the orangutans in the wild.  She witnessed the devastation of the rainforest firsthand and knew that she needed to take action.
Emma founded, a project to raise awareness about the rainforest and orangutans and help kids and teens make a positive difference in the environment.  She speaks internationally at schools and conferences.
The main goals of the project are to raise awareness for the rainforest and to inspire other youth so they can help make a difference. The issues are complex– balancing human development, against the needs of the planet, but Emma believes engaging her generation is the solution.

5 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Wonderful! The world needs more leaders like you Emma; people who think about more than just themselves, and think about others. People such as you can see that we are connected with our environment. Seeing Borneo change so quickly and the effect it has on all species, especially the orangutans, must have felt heartbreaking.

    Be true to your cause, and true to yourself Emma. Thanks for doing what you do.


  2. Thank you for speaking for these amazing intelligent creatures. I was lucky to work with them for a few years in a zoo and their wild cousins desperately need voices like yours. Keep it up, Emma!

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