CAUTION- Rainforest destruction in your treat bag?


Make sure you are not contributing to rainforest destruction this Halloween- read candy ingredient labels to avoid palm oil, the leading cause of deforestation in Borneo. Read more here.

2 thoughts on “CAUTION- Rainforest destruction in your treat bag?

  1. Hi you came to my school tanglin trust school In Singapore! Your talk was really inspiring and I would like to help aswell my name is Hannah.

    • Thanks Hannah! It was a pleasure to present to your class.
      Here are three things you can do to help the orangutans and the rainforest:

      • Sign the Jungleheroes pledge:
      • Write letters to companies demanding deforestation-free palm oil
      • Raise awareness by telling everyone about the problem

      Thanks again. The orangutans need our help.

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