The Orangutan Gang


“Today I am eight years old, and I stand in defense of the orangutans!” Our young Junglehero Gigi Finn has made a website! Visit it to learn more about orangutans, and what you can do to save them.

Her story:

“When I was 6 years old, at the University of Nevada, Reno (you might ask what I was doing there; I was going to an Institute for gifted children), I was alerted to the destruction of the rainforest by a girl with strength, kindness, and most importantly a lot of determination–determination to save the orangutans. Her name was Emma Freedman, and she was standing at a booth selling magnets, bracelets, and palm oil free lollipops. My mom and I took one lollipop, one bracelet, and one magnet. I ate the palm oil free lollipop and kept the magnet. I still have it in my computer room. Anyway, the most important thing about my experience with Emma is that she told me about the problem with palm oil. (I am sorry to say, I ignored the subject until I was 7 years old.) When I was seven, my parents reminded me about the orangutan problem. I made a presentation for my class and the class nextdoor telling about the problem and handed out flyers to everybody in the two classes. From then on, I spread the word to everybody I could, and for Halloween in 2013, I handed out flyers to all of the people giving out candy. I dressed up as Birute Galdikas, the orangutans’ hero. That week, I received Sugito, my very own (stuffed animal) orangutan.

“Twenty Thirteen was the beginning of my effort to save the orangutans. In November, I  started this blog– the Orangutan Gang– to boost the effort.  I plan to collect a large group of orangutarians and jungleheroes– that is what Emma calls us– and get lots of information and even get the government’s attention for our idea– No Palm Oil In The United States. I hope it will become a law soon because in 5 years, if we do not do something, there will be no orangutans left! Today I am eight years old, and I stand in defense of the orangutans!”


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