Step three: Take action

Congratulations on creating a business plan! Now, you can use your business plan to take action. Doing any of the specific actions from your categories is taking action. But the thing is, there are so many specific actions! Where to start?

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Rank actions-

Which actions do you want to achieve in the next week? which actions in the next month? Rank the actions in order of when you want to do them, approximately. The first action on the list is the one you should start with!

More actions-

What do you do if you complete all the actions and you can’t think of more?
Here are some ideas for more actions you could add to your business plan:

Fundraising ideas:

  • Have a sponsored walk, bike, swim, or marathon
  • Have a bakesale at your school or club
  • Have an awareness raising booth at your school with a donations box
  • Have a “Change for Change” day to collect spare change to donate
  • Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to give up something like TV for a week, or to sponsor you to run a mile etc.

Awareness raising ideas:

  • Put posters up around school
  • Do a presentation to your class or an assembly at school
  • Do presentations at other schools to get them involved
  • Have an “Orange for Orangutans Day” at school where everyone wears orange to raise awareness about the orangutans
  • Create a website
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Make a movie
  • Design and print flyers or business cards to raise awareness

If you have other ideas, please let us know in the comments and tell us how your events go or if you raise any funds! You or your school could be featured on the True Jungleheroes page taking action. And overall, great job creating a project!



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